「ビジョンハッカー」NHKスペシャルが英語化され、NHK WORLDで国際放送【9月12日・14日】


5月に放送されたNHKスペシャル「ビジョンハッカー〜世界をアップデートする若者たち〜」が英語化され、NHK WORLDで国際放送されます。

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4:00 – 4:50

“Around the world, young activists are using social media to change the world. They’re finding new ways to organize and build support, whether for educating disadvantaged kids in Japan, creating jobs in Brazil, organizing essential workers in the US, or reinventing healthcare in Bangladesh. They’re attempting to address the contradictions in global capitalism that the COVID-19 pandemic brought to light. And their influence is spreading far beyond their local communities.”


NHK WORLD掲載ページ: Vision Hackers: Updated Takes on Saving the World